I am a small business marketing consultant.

I help self-employed individuals, small business owners, and organizations connect their products or services with their customers on the web . How can I help you?

Frustrated? Confused? Overwhelmed?

It’s common for small business owners to feel lost on the internet.

It’s so vast. How do you get product or service in front of your customers? And how do you know if your efforts online are having any effect? A small business marketing consultant can help ensure your limited time and resources are being well-spent.

Simplicity, Clarity & Focus.

Let’s have a conversation about how to grow your business or ogranization.

Here are some things we can talk about:

  • Designing a cheap website with quality & style.
  • Auditing an existing website for usability issues and best practices.
  • Building a lead generation tool that will help your business grow.
  • Finding your business among search results.
  • Informing you of best practices for online marketing.
  • Teaching website management so you can make simple changes by yourself.
  • Analyzing data to see your return on investment.



Why Should you Contact Me?


What you see is what you get.

I have no overhead costs, and I don’t rely on a team of people that need to cooperate together in order to get things done. It’s just you and me!

I’’m currently employed.

I am a full-time user interface designer for a large e-commerce company in Minneapolis. My keen eye for design is desirable to employers, and is sought out by small business owners & organizations through my network connections.

I’’m current on internet marketing best practices.

I will help you work through common online marketing strategies and ensure that you understand how to implement these strategies on your website.

I’’m honest.

I’’ll let you know what I can and can’’t do, and I promise to only take on what I know I can deliver. I will be patient, explain things thoroughly, and help manage your expectations about the online presence-building process.

I’’ll stay in touch.

It’’s my firm belief that websites are never truly “finished”. They should be updated and added to in order stay in the search engine’s favor. I’’ll drop in to ask how things are going. If things are slowing down, let’s light a fire!


Contact Me
Need guidance for your next project?
It only takes a minute to email me, and your first consultation doesn’t cost a thing.
(Hmmm… Tell me more.)